International Association of Capital Market Specialists(Abbr.IACMS) is an international financial cooperation institution, which is gradually formed in the international business cooperation of investment institutions and professionals of various countries in the international financial centers. It’s predecessor is the international investment and financing alliance(IIFA).


      Our members are comprised of security sponsor representatives, certified public accountants, attorneys, credit rating workers, appraisers, futures brokers, trainers, and other professions. These professional talents serve as intermediary services for capital markets, including stock equity markets, bond markets, futures markets, and fund markets.


Since twenty-first Century, with the development of Asian markets and the rise of China's economy, many activities and business cooperation opportunities of international investment and financing alliance have occurred in China's Hongkong and Chinese mainland. Some sponsors of the Alliance discussed the establishment of the association after a financial meeting.


IACMS was licensed in Hong Kong, China on January 29th, 2015. It is headquartered  in Central Hong Kong.


      IACMS  had reorganized IIFA, focusing on Hong Kong and Asia, IACMS has recruited  IIFA’s capital market operators and institutions from Australia, the United States, and Europe. Moreover, the IACMS has established services for international capital market activities such as cross-border investment and financing, cross-border mergers and acquisitions.


IACMS currently has nearly 2000 members active in all segments of international capital markets in most jurisdictions globally.


The most significant corporations, institutional investors, asset managers, private equity firms, and governments around the globe recognize IACMS as an innovative, trusted partner with an in-depth expertise in capital markets, banking, and finance. We are well-established in the largest, most mature capital markets across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region, which collectively encompasses 90% of the global investment banking fee pool.